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Our dear clients,


A Russian-French couple agreed to answer some of the questions for our agency and share their experience which will undoubtedly be very useful and interesting. Tatiana (56 years, divorced, 2 children, Russian) and Sylvain (55 years, widower, 1 child, French) are happily married. They met with a help of a marriage agency a few years ago. Tatiana moved to France to her French husband. They will tell you that love knows no limits.


- Tatiana, please tell us, why have you decided to change your life in such a global way? Why wouldn`t you look for a man in Russia?

- You know, leaving my country at terms of any economical or political reasons was not my main goal. Not at all. I loved my job of a teacher of Russian language and literature, I had my own apartment and a house in the country. But it seemed to be impossible to manage my private life, as it is very hard to find a man with no bad habits, who would be able to provide for the family. Besides there are more women than men in my country (Agency's note: 100 men per 115 women). It often happens that young, successful and well-educated women can not find a couple and they remain alone.


- Tatiana, according to your experience, tell us what is a French man?

- They are attentive and respectful to women.


- Sylvain, weren`t you scared of making a woman from a different culture a part of your life? Don`t you regret that?

- I only regret that I haven`t met Tatiana before! She changed my life, she made me happy. We don`t notice the culture differences, if there are any. France and Russia have always been close in cultural aspects.  I knew that I wanted a Russian wife.


- Why?

- Russian and other Slavic women have earned a very good reputation among French men. They are geared up for the family, raising kids, creating comfort and domestic hearth. That`s what I’ve been looking for. They are caring and tender wives, beautiful, well-groomed and decent. And besides they are very interesting conversationalists. I made sure of that. And unfortunately French women are too busy making their carriers nowadays.


- Sylvain, how did your family accept your Russian wife?

- Tatiana has very good relations with my family and friends. She even rallied us in a way. We see each other more often now during the family holidays and there are often Russian dishes on the table. My daughter and my grandchildren love her very much. And this is mutually. We are good friends with Tatiana`s family and friends.


- What language do you use to communicate, Tatiana?

- We speak French. Sylvain has learned a few words in Russian but this is most likely to make me pleased.

- Could you speak French before you met?

- When we first met, I couldn`t speak French at all. My vocabulary included only a several words everyone knows: “bonjour”, “au revoir”. But it wasn`t a big problem for us. A desire to understand each other was much more important. After you move to France you have a full language immersion. I talked to my husband and his family every day, listened to the radio and watched TV. All this in combination with my husband`s help and patience made me progress in French very fast. I can fluently speak French now. Besides that, the government offers free courses of French for foreign wives (OFII).


- Sylvain, was that a problem for you?

- Absolutely not. I realized that Tatiana needed time to learn the language and I tried to be patient. I saw her trying very hard and I think it was interesting for her to learn it. I think, Slavic people are very good at languages. My wife can already speak French very well.


- Tatiana, was it hard for you to leave your family and friends in Russia? Did you lack communicating with them? 

- Of course, it was hard at the beginning. Especially the first two or three months. But there are lots means of communication nowadays. We call each other on Skype, write e-mails. Thanks to that the parting is not that painful. My family often comes to see us here in France.


- Sylvain, does Tatiana work?

- No, she doesn`t work. Although there was no problem with looking for a job. An employment centre offered her a job matching her qualification and free qualification improvement courses. But it was our mutual decision to let Tatiana be a housewife.


- Tatiana, how hard was it for you to change your active way of life? How easy it was for you to accept the decision to be a housewife?

- It wasn`t hard. I always lacked time to do sports, work in the garden, grow flowers or take care of the house. Now I have a great opportunity to do all those things.


What is your advice to our clients, who are still at the very beginning of a long way of finding a partner in France?

- Dear women. Don`t be afraid, everything is possible. If you took this serious decision to improve your life, keep up to it! You will make it!


- Sylvain, what about you?

- If you decided to find a Russian wife, be sure you`re on a way to your happiness!

Un couple franco-russe nous livre son expérience de vie commune. Tatiana (56 ans, veuve, 2 enfants, russe) et Sylvain (55 ans, veuf, 1 enfant, français) se sont rencontrés par l’intermédiaire d’une agence matrimoniale. Ils sont mariés et sont heureux ensemble depuis plusieurs années.